CS371g Summer 2021: Blog 6

This past week I was working on the Integer project for this class. In addition, I also worked on a project for Software Engineering where I worked on the webapp for a website.

The Integer project had a lot of obstacles that we had to overcome. For one, we could not meet over the weekend so we were on a shortened timeline. On top of that, the specific methods themselves often resulted in a bunch of errors. Multiplies_digits took quite a while to optimize and even then we could not really figure out a way to get it done. Overall, I don’t think we had enough time between my partner and I to get this project done on time.

Next week, I will make sure I put some more focus on this project and make sure I get enough time to wrap up the project on time. I think one of the faults is that my partner and I tried to meet up at the same time with our busy schedules. I think next time, I will try to get some work done even when my partner and I are not “talking” with each other so that work is more productive next time my partner and I meet up.

I have not read Paper#6 Vector yet as of right now. I plan to read it tomorrow most likely.

I think that I had a pretty good handle on containers and container adapters. For the most part, I understood allocators pretty well as well. I think that looking over the notes after class to review for the quizzes helped with my understanding on the topics.

I went to my friend’s house the other day and we played basketball. I think that it was a breath of fresh air after a somewhat stressful week. Also, I watched the Euro 2020s, Wimbledon, and the Poirier-McGregor fight which I enjoyed as well.

My tip of the week is to make sure you frequently test your code rather than test it all at the end. That way, debugging is so much easier and you pretty much know where in the code you might have gone wrong rather than be confused at the end trying to guess where in the code you went wrong. It’s something very simple but also something we might tend to forget while you’re on a roll when coding.



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