I hope that the following are long-term takeaways from this class:

  • when designing algorithms, demand the weakest iterators (e.g. bidirectional vs. random access)
  • when designing containers, provide the strongest iterators (e.g. random access vs bidirectional)
  • build adapters on top of containers

This past week I was working on the Integer project for this class. In addition, I also worked on a project for Software Engineering where I worked on the webapp for a website.

The Integer project had a lot…

This past week, I worked on two projects from my summer classes. One of those projects was the Netflix project for this class which my partner and I were able to get done pretty quickly once we figured out how to manage input…

This last week consisted of working on the Collatz project and another project for my Software Engineering class.

During the Collatz project, I encountered a problem where my program was not passing some of the public tests ran by…

This might be a quite boring answer but I didn’t really do much during this past week. This past week marked the first full week of school for the summer semester so I was pretty booked with that considering that I am taking…

Adithya Arunganesh

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